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dentist reviews“From my very first visit onward, I found a pleasant, polite and helpful staff. Dr. Moshe explained the procedure in detail and is very educated and informed. The office location is very desirable, comfortable and has a pleasant atmosphere. Thank you!”
by Dianne C.

“Before visiting the office, I was extremely nervous and apprehensive, but as soon as I walked in the staff was so reassuring and caring. The dentist and staff helped me work through all my fears. Thank you for being so patient and kind with me.

I would recommend Northfield Family and Implant Dentistry to anyone!”
                              by Darlene L.

dentist ratings“I have never had such a calming experience at a dental office before coming to Northfield Family and Implant Dentistry. Both Douglas and I greatly appreciate the wonderful, friendly service and the excellent dental care we receive from you. We will recommend you to everyone we know.”
by Norie and Doug J.

“I was immediately impressed with the atmosphere of professionalism. I have been fortunate to have been a patient of Dr. Moshe. I love coming to get my teeth worked on, and my teeth feel wonderful when I leave his office. Thank you again for taking such great care of me.”
by Andrew B.

dds dentist“I was afraid of the dentist and hadn’t been in six years! I knew I needed to go, but my fear was standing in the way. When I walked into Dr. Moshe’s office I knew I would be okay. His gentle care and friendlieness brings me back for the treatments I really need.

My fear of the dentist is finally conquered. I love it here… and I love my new smile!”
by Heather R.

“My overall experience was excellent! I was completely informed and prepared for every procedure. I have had cleanings, fillings, dental implants and crowns done with Dr. Moshe. They look so natural you wouldn’t know I had any work done. I walk out with a good-looking smile and I really enjoy the experience. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. ”
by James A.

“We’ve always been afraid to go to the dentist, but feel so welcomed by Dr. Moshe and his staff. They have all taken very good care of our teeth time and time again. We highly recommend Northfield Dentistry. They are truly the best we’ve ever seen.”
by Sheena and Bobby H.

“The first day I walked into Northfield Dentistry, I knew I’d found the right dentist and support staff. Every time I visit, I feel like I am with family and the atmosphere in the office is very comfortable. My smile looks great, and I am extremely happy with my new look. Thank you very much!”
by Valerie N.

“I came to you really depressed because of an accident to my teeth, and I left your office smiling like never before. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you have done. It really was life-changing. Thank you Dr. Moshe and staff for your kindness and dedication to all your patients.”
by Andrew M.

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“He was very attentive, he explained my treatment plan in detail. I felt like I had his undivided attention.”
by Tasha O.

” am very appreciative to Zocdoc for enabling me to connect with Dr. Yeroushalmi. Good dentists are quite hard to find, and I have had many problems in past decades (I am 62, and have had a lot of work done, in four countries; my worst experiences, as it happens were here in the USA). After my last appointment with Dr. Moshe, I called a few close friends to let them know “I think I have finally found MY dentist.” He’s easy-going, calm, reassuring, professional and he did some really impressive work already during my first procedure with him. There is nothing negative, or even mildly critical, that I can imagine saying about this very fine, very professional, dentist.”
by Allan N.

“Dr. Moshe and his dental assistant were personal and very friendly! The office is clean and the equipment is up-to-date. I have a busy schedule so it was difficult to make an appointment in advance-luckily he had same day appointments! I’ll be back :)”
by Vanessa P.

“Excellent visit. He is clearly a very caring professional. Clear in his explanations, and with a quiet, modest composure (which I cannot say for all dentists, or doctors), that is re-assuring. I am happy to have found him via ZocDoc. I have finally found MY dentist. The only distraction were the result of his not having an assistant in the office, and he thus took phone calls while I was in his chair. He needs a full-time assistant. Hence my 4, instead of 5, stars re: bedside manner.”
by Allan N.

“His bedside manner was awesome and he also did a good job explaining my insurance coverage. I had my daughter with me at the appointment and he did a good job making her comfortable while giving me X-rays.”
by Jannie H.

“My appointment was amazing ! The Dr.Yeroshalmi was so gentil , really caring to do a well examination and not make me feel any pain during the procedure . God bless him.”
by Nouriyah A.

“I have known many dentists through out my life and feel the Dr. Moshe Yroshalmi is a first class professional. He shows wonderful and calming chair side manners and explains everything that he is doing. His knowledge of dentistry is also first class. I highly recommend him to all potential patients.”
by Albert N.

“Dr. Moshe is the best dentist I have ever been to. I highly recommend him!”
by Danae W.

“Dr. Moshe is my new favourite dentist. Don’t miss out!”
by Dermot R.

“Dr. Yeroshalmi was great. Friendly dentist and, honestly, pretty painless! Best of all: I got disillusioned with dentists who were constantly trying to upsell me. Dr. Yeroshalmi did none of that. I immediately recommended him to my wife. Admittedly I haven’t got the bill yet, but if it’s not extravagant I’m headed back in 6 months.”
by Jeffrey G.

“It was great, everything other patients said about Dr. Moshe was so right. The atmosphere is pleasant, clean and welcoming. Will be referring friends and family.”
by Yonette L.

“Dr Moshe is a a very caring doctor. I love his sense of humor and how he deals with patients. One of the best dentists I’ve ever had.”
by Cherie K.

“I love this doc! He has a great sense of humor and is very informative. I will definitely make him my primary dentist from today on. The office was clean, not crowded, and waited less then 5mins. He’s wonderful, and can’t wait to go back.”
by Jaquanah T.

“Dr. Moshe is the BEST! He is extremely skilled and gentle; he does all his own work (including cleaning) and takes his time. His specialty is working with anxious patients like me. I have had numerous fillings, root canals and crowns done by him and never any problem. Very kind, good man and I am convinced there is no better dentist.”
by Kate A.

“He seems to be an excellent dentist. Unfortunately he does not accept the program of insurance I have.”
by Edy K.

“As always , A very pleasant visit. If chair side manners is important to you I highly recommend.”
by Lannette D.

“I had my first visit with Dr. Moshe Yeroshalmi today. I was a little anxious to go to the dentist and he put me right at ease. He was very thorough in how he explained everything and he answered all of my questions so I could understand. I have had dentists in the past who lecture you, where they make you feel small because your teeth could be in better shape but Dr. Moshe Yeroshalmi went out of his way to be understanding and kind. Also, the woman who called me to confirm my appointment and to iron out details about my insurance was incredibly nice as well. He works with you and your insurance to try to come up with a treatment plan that is good for you both financially and medically. I think I finally found my dentist! I would strongly recommend him and I’m going to recommend my husband to go to him as well.”
by Kathleen F.

“Incredibly knowledgeable and courteous. I would recommend him to anyone!”
by Gina M.

“I was extremely anxious at this dentist appointment fearing the worst out come. I must say I was extremely impressed and appreciated this Doc. It was by far the best Dentist experience I’ve ever had! Dr. Yeroshalmi has the most pleasant and fantastic bedside manner. He was easy to talk to and understand, very thorough in his consultation, and provided me with all the available options for my scenario which didn’t just scream dollar signs! I’ve never met a more hands-on Physician who valued patient care. I had a 9am appt and arrived at 8:45. He noticed I was there and started the registration process himself. Of course I will be back and there’s no hesitation involved with that decision. He is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Superb care! I wish all my previous Dentists were like him perhaps my teeth would have been in a better state as I would have made better attempts with dental care.”
by Keith T.

“Great doctor! Very gentle.”
by Georgia B.

“I am very satisfied wish his service. My 3 boys (16, 14, & 7) go to him as well. I highly recommend him.”
by Alexandra C.

“He made me feel comfortable and I felt knowledgeable of all the work being done during my visit because he communicated everything. Very enjoyable and I will be going back soon!”
by Nachele V.

“I am very satisfied wish his service. My 3 boys (16, 14, & 7) go to him as well. I highly recommend him.”
by Alexandra C.

“He is an excellent professional and the most important thing is his personal treatment with the patient He is very polite, explains everything with details and take his time for the diagnostic ensuring accuracy and clear understanding.”
by Fabian O.

“Excellent visit. Dr. Moshe was very patient, kind, professional, committed and diligent in my care and making sure I was comfortable, and happy with every aspect of my visit.”
by Josh D.

“It was great! His assistant was very nice. Dr. Moshe was also very pleasant and patient. It was my first time going to a dentist by myself so he made it very easy and was also very supportive about my low budget. I’ve already recommended him to my sister and would recommend him to anyone who asked!”
by Michelle F.

“He was very patient with all of my questions and concerns and very friendly!”
by Kelly H.

“Excellent dentist.”
by Anil O.

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